West Damietta & Assiut Power Plants
February 26, 2023
Courseulles-sur-mer Offshore Wind Farm
February 26, 2023

Nachtigal Hydropower


2018 – on going




Reinforcing bars, merchant bars, stainless steel metal structures, stainless steel pipes and piping material for water treatment, galvanized metal structures, chequered galvanized plates

The Nachtigal Hydropower plant is located in the Saaga River and is the major Cameroonian project. Its focus is the country’s soustainable development by increasing the production of renewable energy power, aiming to reach a capacity production of 420 MW.

Tuxor supplied reinforcing bars used in the construction of the 1,5 km long and 14 m high dam walls and the connected 3km+ supply channels.

In addition to rebars, Tuxor is supplying stainless steel and galvanized metal structures as well as pipes and piping material such as flanges, bolts, valves and fittings.

Both metal steelworks and piping materials are tailor made in different shapes and in customized non standard sizes, in complete adherence to the project requirements.

Thanks to his flexibility and ability to provide qualified technical support, Tuxor manages to satisfy the different needs of the construction site.