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Tuxor is a highly specialized leading export oriented company focusing in the supply of construction materials for the civil and petrochemical engineering

Founded in 1984 by Giuseppe Ferrero, Tuxor has rapidly established a strong reputation and respect among its international customer thanks to its commitment and reliability throughout the years supplying materials all over the world.

Along the years, our customers have been placing their trust in Tuxor for some very important reasons:

Tuxor selects the best supply conditions mix (materials quality, sources, delivery timing, pricing) according to the customers’ priorities and budget.

Optimization of purchase order management:
Tuxor is the reference partner for the supply of multi-product packages.

Wide product range:
Tuxor can supply many classes of material: structural steel, building materials and piping materials

Complete service range:
Tuxor manages and is accountable for every step in the supply chain: material sourcing, transportation to the shipment point or to the final destination, inspections, documentation, test certificates. All in agreement with international standards and project specifications.

Close to the customers:
Tuxor is a partner in every project phase, from the bidding stage to the main supply up to the smaller order integrations.

Tuxor carries its steels from its origins to its final destinations around the world cost economically and safely.

Logistics management of Tuxor includes the following:

  • stevedoring and loading
  • ship chartering (part or full)
  • storage and warehousing
  • cargo insurance
  • pre-shipment cargo inspection
  • inland distribution and delivery


Year of foundation: 1984
Share capital: € 5.000.000,00
Legal address: Via della Rocca 4, 10123, Torino, Italy



TUXOR pursues the highest levels of quality both of the materials it supplies and the service it provides.

TUXOR is an ISO 9001 certified company.

TUXOR, consistently with its Policy, always sources its materials from certified steel producers.
TUXOR pays continuous attention to markets and to its customers. For this reason, its mission is to consolidate the business relations with its customers and to develop its market with systematic improvement of the products range and quality.


Structural steel

Piping materials


Other building materials





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