BBYO High Standard Railway Project
February 19, 2023
Awash – Weldiya Railway
February 19, 2023

Dar es Salaam – Morogoro - Makutupora Railway


2018 - on going




Reinforcing steel bars, PC wire, overpass and steel structures for bridges, sleepers carousel

The project aims to realise the fastest railway in East Africa.

The first phase of 1,224 km total line consists in 202 km connecting Dar es Salaam - Morogoro - Makutupora and is the most critical part of the project.

The railway will connect Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and will provide access to the Indian Ocean for all related countries, improving and facilitating the economic development of these countries. Tuxor supplies reinforcing steel bars, PC wire, steel structures and sleepers carousel for a total value of 86 millions euro.